Glass Sun Catcher - Cerne Abbas Giant
Glass Sun Catcher - Cerne Abbas Giant
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Glass Sun Catcher - Cerne Abbas Giant

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Beautiful handmade glass sun catcher in green with gold etched design.

This piece is based on the chalk hill figure near the village of Cerne Abbas in Dorset, standing 55 metres high.

The origin of the Cerne Abbas Giant is unknown, but the earliest recorded mention of it is from 1694. Folklore associates it with fertility. Some lore claims that the image is the outline of the corpse of a real giant, while Victorians believed that a eoman who slept on the figure would be 'blessed with child'.

The image has been etched onto glass, then coloured, before being set in a lead came surround and polished. 

11cm diameter (approx)
Hangs from natural jute twine which can be extended or adjusted.