Loop Ring - Game
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Loop Ring - Game

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Lateral thinking and tricky mind-bending game.
Can you understand behavioural patterns? Model your brain like a sculptor models the clay.

Separate the ring from the rest of the puzzle then reconnect the ring to the puzzle.
Be careful, the first thing to deceive you is your eyes! 

See the patterns and see the solution. There is not easy or difficult Brainteaser or Puzzle, it is all about how you think and see reality shaped by the algorithms behavioural. Brainteaser has the ability to help us see the reality in deference angles, likewise a healthy nutrition for our brain to be active and creative. By training our good sprit of observation we can easily spot deference angles and alternatives in reality.

Number of players: 1 
Type: Challenging 
Abilities: Logic and Problem solving 

Comes with paper instructions.