Ode to Poe
Ode to Poe
Ode to Poe
Eska Marsh

Ode to Poe

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A high quality limited edition giclée print on 315gsm archival paper. 

Originally drawn by quill and ink, Ode to Poe highlights the artist's love for Momento Mori with illustrated headstones, featuring an insert written in gothic calligraphy taken from Poe's longest poem, Al Aaraaf:

'And so, being young and dipped in folly, 
I fell in love with melancholy, 
And used to throw my earthly rest 
And quiet all away in jest— 
I could not love except where Death 
Was mingling his with Beauty’s breath...'

For all Poe lovers who share an admiration of mystery and the macabre.

Each print is signed and dated by the artist.

48.5 cm X 16.5 cm approx

Limited edition run of 50.