Speaks - Brain Etching
Speaks - Brain Etching
Speaks - Brain Etching
Speaks - Brain Etching
Rosie McLay

Speaks - Brain Etching

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An intricate etching exploring the intricacies of the human brain, with gold around the areas in which speech and vocabulary are formed.

Original etching with fragments of gold leaf

By Rosie McLay, (UK) 2017


Size and Finish


Available in frames which have been made and fitted by the artist in antiqued black and gold Obeche wooden frames. Original etchings are float mounted so the artwork appears to be hovering between the glass and the backing mount, for a sensitive framing style as well as a great conservation technique.


Product Information

Due to the delicate nature of this method of printmaking and the artists’ style, each print has individual qualities; different ink tones, mark making and textures will differ from piece to piece, but each one has been selected by the artist to be included in the edition. Please also note that the gold leaf, being a composition of metals, should not be hung or stored in a damp or incredibly hot or cool space.

Soft White Somerset Velvet 200GSM paper

Signed and editioned by artist on artwork.

Edition of 70

27cmcm x 30cm paper size

40cm x 43.5cm total frame size


Picture Frame:

Made with FSC Certified Wood

Acid-free materials

Standard 1mm Glass

Sealed with Backing Tape

Non-stretch Hanging Cord Fastened

3cm Width

2.7cm Depth