Super Salve
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Super Salve

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This green salve gets its colour from the cold pressed organic Hemp seed oil and Olive oil. It has a protective quality and can help to hydrate areas of dry skin over the body, typically used on the hands and anywhere else that needs extra moisturising. The salve is rich in omega oils and fatty acid’s which help with this. If the skin has redness and inflammation this may not be suitable.

It has a slightly nutty Lavender aroma.

“I love Faith & Betty’s Super Hemp Salve, I trust its good quality with great ingredients. When my skin was suffering with dry excema, it really helped and I found it soothing. Excellent!”

A little goes along way so use a small amount wherever is needed. For best results apply when you won’t need to wash it off soon after so it has chance to sink in and do its work. 

Cannabis sativa oil*,  Olea Europa fruit seed oil, Cera alba, Butrospermum parkii*, Troceperol. Amyris balsimfera & Lavandula angustifolia essential oils. *organic